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Marathon Sports Summer Pub Series

What do you get when cross Boston's best running club with the Hub's premier cornhole outfit?  I don't know, but I am eager to find out!  Welcome to the Marathon Sports Summer Pub Series.  This cross-pollination partnership combines two of our favorite things, running and cornhole.  While the scene shifts to The Baseball Tavern in Kenmore Square, leading the festivities will be your same fearless leader, Shane, along with a sponsor each night.  Runners will depart The Baseball Tavern at 6:30 PM for a three or four mile run along the Emerald Necklace.  Following the completion of the run, bags will fly at 7:45 PM.  Join us for one Thursday each month in the summer for some bags, sweat, and beers! 


The league is open to all levels of runners and cornholers.  HOWEVER, this is a running club and to be eligible to play in the cornhole tournament you must complete the three or four mile course.  It is FREE to participate.

Tournament Format

Each monthly tournament is a blind draw (partners randomly paired), single or double-elimination, two-person team tournament.  If there are an odd number of participants, the last person drawn will be the "walker" for that tournament.  You may only be the walker once during league play.  At the completion of the last tournament and final update to the league standings, the top point earner will be crowned league champion!  Tie-breaker scenarios are TBA.

Points System and Standings

Team members earn the same amount of points based on where they finish in each of the season tournaments.  The point breakdown is as follows:

 Place Points

League standings will be updated once per month.


There will be weekly prizes and a league champion prize.  There will not be any cash prizes.