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The Marathon Sports Summer Pub Series is off to a running start...

posted Jun 26, 2017, 9:17 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 9:19 AM ]
Runners who cornhole or cornholers who run?

The opening night of our Marathon Sports Summer Pub Series that combines the best of both worlds, running and cornhole, is in the books.  The evening started as our group of 14 left The Baseball Tavern and headed out for a nice stroll through the Fens.  Many of us, including myself, had the pleasure of trying a new sneaker from ASICS, our event night sponsor.  Not only did the shoe provide a smooth ride, but also came with a free beer!  Thank you Chris!

On to the cornhole side of things, our tournament field included many novices and a few who may have tossed a bag or two.  Our seven team field turned to eight as Run Club Brat Packers, Mimi and Kelly arrived fashionably late.  Although running is a prerequisite, sometimes you have to break the rules and alter the bracket*....Please do run next time so that nobody thinks we are playing favorites.  And after a couple hours of play, Shane O'Hara and Michael Dunnigan made it to the winner's circle.  Congrats to the champs, but you'll now have a big target on your backs at our next meeting on July 27th!

Michael Dunnigan and "Shane the Shark"

Standings have been updated here.  If you are new to cornhole, we hope you enjoyed the night and come toss with us again.  Bring a friend!  Until next time...

*Fodder for that conspiracy theorist who I know is reading this.