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Pigeon holds off late Lowry charge in Wilmington..get ready for Season 2!

posted Jan 1, 2018, 6:12 AM by Boston Cornhole
The Super Six in the Wilmington K of C League

2017 has come to a close and so has the first season of the Wilmington Knights of Columbus Cornhole League!  The league was a huge success and the table shifted on the final night; that's the kind of drama we want!  League favorite, Pigeon, did live up to expectations, but Kevin Lowry closed quickly and finished less than a point from the title.  Competitive play, skilled players, and of course, luck of the draw were all factors in producing our top six!

1.  Pigeon
2.  Kevin Lowry
3.  Lance Madden
4.  Pat Collett
5.  Rich Queen
6.  Jim Nocella

Oh, and there was plenty of solid play and improvement from everyone in the league.  Darryl had a very strong night during the "Threesome Experience", Brendan's play has picked up, and I even witnessed Chris Smalley put some in the hole!  Trust me, playing with the best will make you better!

Season 2

We plan to start the second season on Thursday, January 18th and continue for seven weeks.  I still need confirmation from the Knights of Columbus, but let's pencil it in!  We have a winning formula so much will stay the same, but there is always room for improvement!  Please note the following changes:

Removal of $5 Option - With pizza now being provided by the K of C, it will be $10/night to play for everyone and everyone earns league points.  There will still be the opening night offer of $50 for all seven weeks.

Response to Feedback - The critique I have heard most is that we had repeat partners too often.  Unfortunately, a random draw is one of the few things that is tough to fix and in my opinion, there is no truly fair way to alter this.  However, one week (Week 3), we will go with an A/B format to pair those at the top of the table with those in the lower half.  Spoiler Alert:  this usually benefits strong B players the most.  The best way to prevent repeat partners is to have more players to draw from.  Tell your friends and UPS drivers that tossers are wanted!

A little less Vanilla - In the first season, I only threw one curveball at you and it came as a shock to many.  In Season 2, don't always expect the high hard one, even if that is your preference!  We may also add more variety to the skills challenge each week.  To lessen the surprise factor, check out the tentative schedule below.

Tentative Schedule - subject to change

Week 1:  January 18th - Opening Night Blind Draw

Week 2:  January 25th - Blind Draw

Week 3:  February 1st - A/B Blind Draw - Players with tournament and skills challenge podium points will be considered A players and not permitted to play with other A players.  Everyone else is a B player.  Note, B players may still get paired with other B players.  I will do my best to ensure a fair draw.

Week 4:  February 8th - Singles Night - Comb your hair and brush your teeth because tonight you are playing with your self!  You will still draw for a partner.  Each partner plays in a separate singles tournament all determined by luck of the draw.  Your combined results from each tournament will factor into the awarding of league points.

Week 5:  February 15th - Skinny Night - If you are over 200 lbs, you cannot play.  Just kidding!  On this night we will host a blind draw to be played exclusively on skinny boards!

Week 6:  February 22nd - The Threesome - Resurrected from Season 1, the blind draw will form teams of three.  Two team members will play doubles and the other will play singles.  Who plays what is determined by the draw.  The combined results of the doubles and singles tournaments will determine league points.

Week 7:  March 1st - Championship Blind Draw