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Wilmington K of C

League begins 10/18/18

The Wilmington Knights of Columbus Cornhole League!  Version 3.0 draws on Ocean State Cornhole's league format with a six game guarantee and multiple partners per night.

League Eligibility

To be eligible for the league, you may either pay $70 ($73 online) on opening night or $10/night.  To be eligible for cash prizes, you must pay the full $70 dues by the completion of the league and participate in a minimum of four events.  If you cannot make a night, you may send a substitute.  If your dues are fully paid, subs do not need to pay again; otherwise a $10 fee would be required.

Those who pay their dues by week one will automatically be entered into the Opening Night drawing for a set of the popular Slide-Rite bags from All Cornhole!   Each evening, the Knights of Columbus provides pizza.

League Format

Blind Draw and Point Differential

The league is a series of seven blind draw events.  Based on the draw, league members will be divided into groups.  Within each group, members will swap partners (minimum of 3 different partners) and compete in a minimum of six matches.  At the completion of each match, the point differential is calculated and awarded to the members of the winning team.  For example, if the team of Player 1 & Player 2 defeats Player 3 & Player 4 by a score of 21-13, Player 1 & Player 2 each earn 8 points.  The winning team's score may not exceed 21.  At the end of the evening, each member sums his or her score which will be added to the league standings.

This is 2018, so every one must get something for participating!  League members will be awarded 10 points each night.  If you send a substitute, the member earns an automatic 5 points.  You may use a maximum of two subs for the duration of the league.

This is a Bring Your Own Bags (BYOB) League!  House bags always provided.


Bags fly at 7:30 PM on Thursday Evenings!

Week 1:  October 18th - 8 PM Start
Week 2:  October 25th
Week 3:  November 1st
Week 4 - November 8th 7:45 PM Start
Week 5:  November 15th 
Thanksgiving:  November 22nd 
Week 6:  November 29th 
Week 7:  December 6th


League Standings are maintained here on the Boston Cornhole website and will be updated weekly.  A player's top six performances will count in the standings.


80% of what comes in will go directly into the purse and be paid out, it's that simple!  However, to be eligible for a payout, you MUST attend at least four tournaments (using a substitute counts as attending) and your $70 dues must be paid in full.  Payouts will be distributed following the completion of the last event and subsequent update of the standings.  The player with the highest score each week will earn an "attaboy" or "attagirl" and receive an entry for a Slide-Rite raffle to be held on Championship Night!

There will not be a final singles tournament because that would strongly favor the more skilled players.  We want to encourage and reward consistent participation.  The payout distribution of the purse will be based on the number of players eligible for payouts.  See the table below:

Place6-10 Eligible Players11-14 Eligible Players15-20 Eligible Players21-30 Eligible Players31+ Eligible Players
 1st65%50% 40%37.5% 35%
 2nd 35%35% 30%27.5%  25%
 3rd 15% 20%17.5%  15%
 10%7.5%  10%
 5th-6th   5% Each  5% Each
 7th-8th    2.5% Each 

Lowry Four-Bagger Challenge

We will run the money Lowry Four-Bagger challenge each week.  $5 to enter. 

Pay League Dues Online - $73 ($3 convenience fee)