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Wilmington K of C

7-Week League in Wilmington begins November 9th

Introducing the Wilmington Knights of Columbus Cornhole League!  This Blind Draw Tournament League will run for seven weeks from November 9th through December 28th; bags fly at 7 PM.  The league format is geared towards all levels of players and will feature 80% payout.  Note, we will be upstairs with the high ceilings!

League Eligibility and Non-League Players

To be eligible for the league, you may either pay $50 on opening night or $10/night to be eligible for points and cash prizes.  If you cannot commit to playing every Thursday, but still want to join in the fun, you can play for $5/night as a non-league player.  Non-league players will not earn points, nor be eligible for cash prizes.

League Format

Blind Draw

The league is a series of seven blind draw tournaments.  League members and non-league members will participate in the double-elimination tournaments.  League members will earn points based on the table below.  Each team member earns the same amount of points.  Points earned in the blind draw tournaments will count 85% towards a point total in the standings.  A player's top six tournament results will factor into the standings.

Skinny Board Frame Game

League members must complete a 10-frame, Frame Game on the skinny boards.  What is a frame game?  You toss four bags just like in a normal match; however, you will not be playing against a player.  The player tallies his or her score after each round.  At the completion of a round, the player walks down to the far board and repeats the process.  You must treat the frame game as a singles match meaning that if you toss with your arm over the board in frame n, then you must toss with your arm away from the board in frame n+1.  If two players finish with the same score, then they both are awarded the same amount of points based on their finishing position.  Once a player begins a frame game, it must be recorded on record.  No do-overs for a bad start!  Frame games will be weighted at 15% of a player's point total in the standings; the top six results will factor into the standings.

Points distribution for Blind Draw and Skinny Board Frame Game Results

 Place Points
 1st 5
2nd 3
3rd 2
4th+ 1


League Standings are maintained here on the Boston Cornhole website.  You must be a league member to accrue standings points.  As stated above, blind draw tournaments carry a 85% weight and frame game scores account for the other 15%

For example, if a player finished the league with 13 blind draw points (top six scores) and 9 frame game points (top six scores), the point standings calculation would be:

13 x .85 + 9 x .15 = 12.40.  If this does not make sense, ask John Moran to explain PEDMAS to you!


80% of what comes in will go directly into the purse and be paid out, it's that simple!  However, to be eligible for a payout, you MUST attend at least five tournaments.  Payouts will be distributed following the completion of the last tournament and subsequent update of the standings.  There will not be a final singles tournament because that would strongly favor the more skilled players.  We want to encourage and reward consistent participation.  The payout distribution of the purse will be based on the number of players eligible for payouts.  See the table below:

Place6-10 Eligible Players11-14 Eligible Players15-20 Eligible Players21-30 Eligible Players31+ Eligible Players
 1st65%50% 40%37.5% 35%
 2nd 35%35% 30%27.5%  25%
 3rd 15% 20%17.5%  15%
 10%7.5%  10%
 5th-6th   5% Each  5% Each
 7th-8th    2.5% Each 

Money Shot

We will run the money shot contest on the skinny boards each week; 100% payout.  On the final evening, we will keep pulling tickets until the money shot pot is exhausted. 

Pay League Dues Online - $53 ($3 convenience fee)