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Lance and Larry lead a strong Massachusetts showing at Mohegan Sun!

posted Mar 5, 2017, 3:04 PM by Boston Cornhole
Lance and Larry topped a strong field in CT

I thought 2016 was going to be the breakthrough year for Massachusetts cornhole; however, contentment with disappointing performances at the Fenway Cornhole Classic, had me questioning if local teams would ever make it over the hump.  With Chris Cuccia and Scott Lane en route to Mohegan Sun, I thought we would see more of the same this weekend, but I am happy to be wrong for the first time ever!  Larry Pigeon walked through that door and Lance Madden played like the pro that I thought I'd be telling him he wasn't.  Going undefeated to win Last Bag Standing with two wins over Stranger Danger is a big deal!  Gracious in victory, Scott and Chris were equally as gracious with the silver medals.  And now, I cannot wait until their paths will potentially cross again in September at this year's Fenway Cornhole Classic!

While Lance and Pigeon flew the highest on Saturday, they were not the only ones from Massachusetts to make a statement.  Rounding out the podium with a third place finish was the pairing of Charles Prew and Tim Grew.  The duo suffered two defeats to Stranger Danger, but showed everyone else why they are the best team south of Boston.  And let's not forget the rest of the Rice Baggers who won some big matches!  In my opinion, this is the Bay State's most competitive group and regularly tossing against these guys is what pushed the champs to pay dirt.  If you are serious about improving your game, go to Lowell on Tuesdays or play in one of the Rice Baggers' weekend events.

The real winners...

Only a few cashed checks, but Last Bag Standing is a win for all who like cornhole in the Northeast.  Kudos to Mohegan Sun for taking a chance on cornhole and putting on this event.  Cornhole and casinos are made for each other and I am hoping that this event was a success for the organizers.  They priced it perfectly and offered enough prize money to not only sell out, but build a waiting list of over 40 teams!  Oh, and with that space, this venue could host some of the biggest tournaments in the country.  If you enjoyed the tournament, be sure to let them know!

Was this a secret or not?

The real story is above, but let's address the chatter from those who are crying foul and throwing shade.  If this was a secret tournament, then it was the worst kept secret in history!  With that said, from Lowell to Pawtucket and everywhere in between, any time this event was mentioned, it was always a "How did you hear about it?" and never a "Hey, did you hear about the tournament at Mohegan Sun?"  And yeah, it's because of the prize money.  While I have railed against this before, it's part of the game and here to stay.  If you are building a list of people who knew about this tournament and did not share, it will be a very long list.  Rather than be angry, my advice is to sharpen your Google skills!