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Swap Meet Blind Draw

Lots of partners and lots of matches!

If you have ever tossed bags in the Ocean State Cornhole League, then you know that there's no monogamy in cornhole and that's a good thing!  We are adapting their partner swap approach that couples group play with the addition of a final elimination bracket.  All in all, competitors are guaranteed a minimum of six matches and three different partners!  The format is as follows:

Group Play

Players are randomly sorted into groups of four, five, or six.  Once groups are assigned, competitors follow a schedule in which they swap partners each match.  The winners of each match are awarded the point differential of the score (you may not exceed 21).  For example, if Player 1 and Player 2 defeat Player 3 and Player 4 by a score of 21-15, then the winners earn 6 points for the match; the losers do not receive any points.  The schedule provides each player with a minimum of six matches.  With a group of five, two players will complete seven matches and have his or her lowest score dropped.  At the conclusion of group play, the sum of each player's points are calculated.  The top two point earners advance into the elimination bracket.  If two players are tied after group play and only once can advance, then they will square off head-to-head in a sudden-death playoff.  The first player to score, advances.  Note that point differential is key and it is possible, although rare, to not lose a match and still not advance.

Elimination Bracket

Players that advance out of their group are randomly paired one last time.  Once the final pairings have been established, teams are placed into a single-elimination bracket.  Play continues until the bracket is complete and champions are crowned!