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Fearsome Foursome

2/27/16 at Boundary Brewhouse in Pawtucket, RI

Registration Open
  • $60 per 4-man Team ($64 online with PayPal)
  • Registration limited to the first 16 teams
  • Check-In at 11:30 AM | Tournament begins at 12 PM
  • 70% Payout to the top two teams
Introducing the Fearsome Foursome, Boston Cornhole's four-man tournament format combining singles, doubles, and guaranteeing each participant a minimum of four matches.  Following the completion of singles and doubles, the top point scoring teams will advance to the knockout rounds and face off against each other.  The complete format is as follows:


The event begins with four double-elimination brackets of singles.  Prior to the start of singles, the team captain will place each of the four competitors into slots one through four that correspond to the four mini-tournaments.  Team captains will NOT have visibility into the other teams' participant to bracket assignments.  Once the four brackets of singles are populated, each tournament draw will be independently shuffled and play commences and continues until all four tournaments complete.  The format dictates that team members will only compete against competitors from other teams.


Doubles follows a similar format with two double-elimination brackets of doubles.  Team captains will assign teams of two players to each of the doubles brackets.  Just as in singles, the captains do not have visibility into other teams' assignments.  When the two brackets are populated, the draws will be independently shuffled prior to the start of play.  Doubles play continues until both tournament brackets are completed.

Points System

Teams earn points based on the position its members finish in both the singles and doubles tournaments.  With four singles brackets and two doubles brackets, there are six opportunities to earn points.  Points are awarded in the following manner:
  • 1st Place:  5 points
  • 2nd Place:  3 points
  • 3rd Place:  2 points
  • 4th Place:  1 point
Thus, the maximum number of points a team may tally is 30.  It is also possible for a team to finish singles and doubles with zero points.

Knockout Rounds

Following singles and doubles play, the top four teams with the most points will advance to the knockout rounds (semifinals and finals).*  If two teams finish with the same number of points, the first tie-breaker will go to the team that has more 1st place bracket finishes.  If the teams have the same number of 1st place bracket finishes, the next tie-breaker would be the number of 2nd place finishes and so forth**.  If by chance, two teams finish with identical records, the final tie-breaker would work like this:
  • If both teams advance to the knockout rounds regardless of the final tie-breaker, a coin will be flipped to determine seeding
  • If the final tie-breaker were to prevent a team from advancing, a doubles match will determine who advances.  Team captains select who participates in the sudden death match.
Once seeding is determined, the semifinals will begin with the one-seed playing the four-seed and the two-seed playing the three-seed.  The format of the knockout rounds will be a doubles match and two singles matches; matches are played simultaneously.  In each knockout round, the lower-seed team captain must provide his doubles pairing and singles participants to the higher-seed captain.  This provides the higher-seeded captain the visibility and control of the match-ups.  Since each knockout round match-up consists of three matches, a decisive winner will always be produced.

* The number of teams that advance is subject to change based on the number of teams in the tournament.
** Tie-breaker rules are subject to change, but will absolutely NOT change once the tournament begins.