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Blind Draw League

Welcome to the Boston Cornhole Blind Draw League!  Our seven week blind draw format welcomes all skill levels, encourages player development, and incorporates luck of the draw to challenge both the novice and advanced player.


Each week, all players will randomly draw partners (blind draw).  Partners will compete in a double-elimination tournament with standard rules and be guaranteed a minimum of two matches each week of the season.  At the end of the tournament, each team partner will be awarded league points in the following manner:

1st:  5 points
2nd: 3 points
3rd:  2 points
4th+: 1 point
DNS:  0 points

The winning team will also be awarded a weekly prize; prizes will vary based on the league.


The standings table will be maintained on the league page and list all individuals who are active participants in the league.  At the completion of seven weeks, the individual with the most points will be named League Champion and be awarded a set of Boston Cornhole Tournament Boards and Bags!  If two or more individuals finish with the same points total, tiebreakers will operate in the following manner:

1.  Number of 1st Place Finishes
2.  Number of 2nd Place Finishes
3.  Number of 3rd Place Finishes
4.  Head-To-Head Playoff

Entry Fees

The Pre-Registration fee for the seven week league is $50 plus a $3 processing fee.  Online payment is available on each league page via PayPal.  Alternatively, participants may pay a weekly $10/tournament fee on site.

Current Leagues



1.  Why a blind draw format as opposed to Bring Your Own Partner (BYOP)?

While cornhole is a game anyone can play, we have been doing this long enough to realize that there are several different skill levels out there.  In BYOP leagues, the best players tend to partner with each other which can be discouraging to novices who may never see a winning opportunity.  We rely on the luck of the draw to push parity in the league.  We want a competitive, but social league.  If you really want to test your cornhole mettle, you are more than welcome to play in one of the tournaments listed on the Boston Cornhole homepage or participate in the ACO Season.

2.  Why weekly tournaments and not dedicated fixtures?

A tournament-based league has many advantages.  Not only does it work well with our blind-draw format, but it allows us to add or lose players on a weekly basis.  While missing a week or two may hinder your chances of being crowned league champion, just because you cannot make every tournament should not preclude you from tossing some bags and having some fun.  Each tournament stands on its own, but also affects the league standings.

3.  Why are there not any playoffs?

I have recently developed an affinity for European Football and we will follow that model.  Since standings are maintained on an individual basis, any playoffs or final tournament would need to be a singles tournament.  Once again, a final, singles tournament would be too advantageous for the skilled player.  We want to prioritize weekly participation over player skill level.  The point differential per tournament between first and not playing is small enough that missing one week should not be a fatal blow to championship aspirations.  Nonetheless, we want to encourage players to play as often as they can!