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Tournament Tuesdays - First FREE Cornhole, now FREE Pizza!

posted Jul 29, 2017, 3:26 PM by Boston Cornhole
Bags fly at 6 PM on Tuesdays until the end of August

Just how special are 3rd Ave's Tournament Tuesdays!?  Well, as I sit here at the American Cornhole World Championships of Cornhole in Owensboro, Kentucky, I want to blog about Burlington!  Our Tuesday turnouts have been spectacular, so THANK YOU to all who have been joining us to toss some bags!  As well as things have been going, we are taking it up a notch next Tuesday as Nino's will be hosting an "After-Party" and providing pizza to all who participate in the tournament.  That's right, FREE cornhole and FREE pizza, so be there!

If you have been out of loop with regards to Tournament Tuesdays, here are some reasons why you should be making weekly visits to Burlington:

1.  It's cornhole!  Seriously, is there a better summertime game to play!?  Whether you play with us on Tuesdays (and we hope you do) or somewhere else, get in the game!  You will be happy you did!

2.  It's FREE!  Yes, cornhole is worth paying for.  But, even with modest entry fees, it can add up quickly if you have the family in tow.  And that's exactly what we want...bring your kids, friends, and neighbors!  Let's face it, a free night out trumps anything a movie theater or bowling alley can offer.  And of course if you really want to pay, I'd be happy to take your money!

3.  You will get better!  Play on a weekly basis and you will improve and improve quickly.  Last year we had some beginners who have entered this year with their skills polished.  And don't be intimidated by some competition, it only accelerates the growth process.  Come learn from the best!

4.  Great prizes!  Not only do the 3rd Ave businesses support Tournament Tuesdays, they also provide the great prizes.  Maybe get your hair did at James Joseph Salon or spend date night at Nino's.  Even if you don't win (there are some competitive players), 3rd Ave is still a great area to spend some time with plenty of options.

Convinced yet?  We hope so!  Bags fly at 6 PM each week until the end of August!