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The Tournament Format for Cornhole Commotion

posted May 27, 2013, 4:59 AM by Boston Cornhole

In less than a week, 128 teams will compete for the Cornhole Commotion title at Gillette Stadium!  We will be playing with basic Cornhole Rules and the 128 teams will be divided in to four quadrants of 32 teams.  The top two teams from each quadrant will compose the final eight who will battle it out on the granite courts!  To ensure consistent play, the tournament will use corn bags supplied by cornhole.com.  When you check-in, you will be notified of your quadrant and asked to confirm a mobile number that you may be reached at.  Text message will be the preferred method of contact.  Please feel free to contact bostoncornhole@gmail.com with any questions; you may also confirm your mobile contact number at this address prior to the tournament.  Below is a summary of the format for quadrant and championship bracket play.

Quadrant Play
  • Four 32 team quadrants
  • Each quadrant is composed of 12 courts
  • Quadrant play is double elimination
  • All quadrant matches are single game matches
  • The top two teams (winner's bracket winner & loser's bracket winner) advance
  • Winner's bracket champ and loser's bracket champ will NOT need to play each other
Eight Team Finals Play
  • Final eight composed of top two teams from each quadrant
  • The finals are to be played on two granite courts
  • Finals play is double elimination
  • Winner's bracket matches are best of three; single game matches in loser's bracket
  • Each one seed (winner's bracket) paired against a two seed (loser's bracket) for opening four matches
  • Teams from the same quadrant placed in opposite halves of the bracket