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The Return of a Queen and the End of a Streak!

posted Dec 7, 2013, 2:09 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 7, 2013, 3:04 PM ]
Lance and Rich from Woburn get the win!

Rich Queen returned to action Tuesday night at Great American Tavern and notched a victory with Lance, a nice guy from Woburn (did I just write that!?) as his partner.  The new champs took two out of three from the best losers, Wreck it Ralph PJ and Mike R.  Each match could be characterized by streaks with none bigger than the 20-0 lead that Rich and Lance jumped out to in the decisive game.  Congrats to our winners!  Tuesday also marked the end of the Dirty Dots winning streak as Mike Doherty and Rob Doherty were single-handedly knocked out by the runner-ups.  With the Tavern decked out in holiday decor, the Dots played as if their opponents' belts were made out of mistletoe!  But, third place isn't so bad; better luck next week!

John's name was chosen for the Money Shot this past week.  While he came close by landing two on the MCB Skinny board, none of the bags found the bottom of the hole making our GAT competitors 0-8 over the past two weeks.  Last Man Standing honors went to Mike R. who ousted Lance at two bags.

We switched things up a bit with our last tourney of the night being a singles event with six competitors.  The Dots (getting way too much press in this blog for not winning anything) were matched up against each other in the first round.  While they play well together as a team, they often bicker about who is better and rumor has it that they calculate who scores more points each night.  This debate is like comparing the advantages of living in New Jersey over Syracuse; nonetheless, the argument is out there adding a bit of significance to the match.  After a back and forth battle, it was Mike Doherty taking it with a 21-20 victory.  Dare I say that we have found the Alpha Doherty?  Maybe I should stay out of that one, but don't be surprised if Big Sexy shows up to Toys for Tots with the Captain's "C" sewn on his shirt!  The celebration was short lived as Mike D. was knocked out in the next round.  Mike R. closed the night with a win over PJ in the nightcap finals.

We are back at it again on Tuesday in North Reading for cornhole and to celebrate one of our favorite's birthday!  See you there!