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So many reasons to play Tournament Tuesdays in Burlington!

posted Jul 15, 2018, 8:20 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated May 12, 2019, 6:36 PM ]
Bags fly in beautiful Burlington on Tuesdays

We are on to another summer season at 3rd Ave in Burlington and things could not be going better.  I could gush for hours about all of the things I love about Tournament Tuesdays, but let's focus on the top five!

1.  It's FREE to play - weekly cornhole the way it should be!  Bring the family, your girlfriend, boyfriend or both!  Having a good time does not need to have a price tag.  You may be forced to listen to some bad jokes, but that should not deter you!

2.  FREE Pizza - it's not just free cornhole, but free pizza too!  Osteria Nino provides the warm welcome and hot pizza each week.  Food on them, drinks on you!

3.  Low Key - No points, no cash games, no hassles!  Just come get at it for two hours whenever you can.

4.  You will get better - Just because this is a social event, doesn't mean we don't compete!  Play weekly and you will improve.  Play with and against some state champions and you will become great!

5.  Summer on the Green - Enough said.  Come experience it for yourself.  If you are able to win a tournament, you'll get gift cards to 3rd Ave's finest shops and restaurants!