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North versus North at Country Cornhole 2014!

posted Dec 7, 2014, 7:14 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 6:59 PM ]
Tri-State Champs:  NH, RI, and now MA!

What is the skill that cornholers in Massachusetts have improved the most this past year?  Airmail...nope...defensive play...not really.  Topping this list is the ability to find lightly publicized tournaments in the area.  There were way too many familiar faces at the Northeast Country Music Cornhole Tournament to label this a secret tournament!  The last minute arrival of the Dirty Dots to play spoilers altered the competitive landscape to be a good-sized group from the Bunting Club Bunch and two Boston Cornhole heavyweights.  Unfortunately, the Dots handed Keith Lessard and me our first loss in our very first match!  Maybe this was a lucky draw as it forced us to come off the canvas in the loser's bracket and become more accustomed to the corn bags in a tournament that definitely had an "away game" feel.  Subsequently, the Dots dropped a match to Sarge and a new partner...a regular partner of his was in attendance happily playing the role of cheerleader...

Forget a 1-2 finish, I was wondering if the four of us were going to have to sneak out of there with paper bags over our heads.  Ok, R-E-L-A-X!  Being in Billerica, we were bound to find a happy ending one way or another.  The inevitable rematch with the Dots was a close one, but a big round by Keith turned the tide and I was able to "Lance" them with a walk-off four bagger.  With the toughest matches behind us, it was cruise control until completing the double-dip victory in a very competitive final two matches!

All in all, a very good tournament put on by Chris Doyle and the Northeast Country Music group.  Combining cornhole and other forms of entertainment is the next step in the rise of cornhole in our area.  Scarlett Drive rockin' the house and the presence of Wicked Cornhole gave this more of an event feel than just a tournament.  We look forward to future events!