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Introducing the Woburn Cornhole League!

posted Apr 10, 2014, 8:48 PM by Boston Cornhole

Welcome to the Woburn Cornhole League (WCL)!  This WCL is a monthly league that meets on the last Thursday of each month (unless notified otherwise) beginning in April (Opening Night is actually May 1st) and finishing with a season ending singles tournament in November.  All league matches will be held at the American Legion in Woburn, Massachusetts.  Tournaments will begin promptly at 7:30 PM.  Please read below for league details.

Eligibility and Registration Fees

The league is open to all levels of players; however, it is assumed that this will be a competitive league.  The registration fee for each monthly tournament is $25 per person.  $15 goes towards the nightly prizes and the remaining $10 is put towards prizes for the regular season top finishers, the top finishers of the championship singles tournament, and the hall rental.  Each monthly tournament is an independent event and you may play in as many or as few tournaments as you choose to.  However, to be eligible for the final, championship singles tournament, you must play in at least four regular season tournaments.  Register HERE for the first tournament on May 1st.

Tournament Format

Each monthly tournament is a blind draw double-elimination, two-person team tournament.  The tournament field will be limited to a maximum of 24 teams (48 participants).  After the second tournament, subsequent tournament fields will be divided in to two groups based on the league standings.  Players in the top half of the standings will be randomly drawn to partner with competitors in the bottom half of the standings.  Every attempt will be made to balance the skill levels of all participants.  If there are an odd number of participants, the last person drawn will be the "walker" for that tournament.  You may only be the walker once during league play.  At the completion of the last season tournament (October) and final update to the league standings, the top point earners will compete in a championship singles tournament in November.  The number of participants to make the final tournament and tie-breaker scenarios are TBD.

Points System and Standings

Team members earn the same amount of points based on where they finish in each of the season tournaments.  The point breakdown is as follows:

 Place Points
 1st 20
 2nd 15
 3rd 10
 4th 8
 5th 6
 7th 4
 9th+ 1

League standings will be updated once per month and maintained on bostoncornhole.com.


60% ($15) of each monthly event's entry fee will go towards the team prizes for that night.  The prize breakdown is as follows:

 Number of Teams Prize Percentages
 Less than 10 1st: 65%; 2nd: 35%.
 11+ Teams 1st: 50%; 2nd: 35%; 3rd: 15%

Side Games and Bonus Points

In addition to tournament play, there will be side games with prizes and the opportunity to earn bonus points:

Skinny Board Challenge:  $2 for a round of 8 bags.  The bags are numbered 1 to 8.  Your score is the sum of the numbers on the bags that you put in the hole during a single round on the 4'x1' skinny board.  You may play as many rounds as you wish with each round having an additional cost of $2.  At the end of the night, the competitor with the highest score wins!.  In the event of a tie, sudden death round play will be used to determine a winner.  The winner of the skinny board challenge will also have 3 bonus points applied to the league standings.

Four Bagger Chip:  $5 for the night.  Each time somebody has a four bag round (all four bags in the hole), he or she takes ownership of the chip.  The owner of the chip at the end of the night is the winner!

Additional games for points and prizes may be added at the discretion of the league organizers.


All equipment will be provided by Boston Cornhole or Rich Queen.  The American Legion can accommodate four cornhole courts.