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Cornhole a Big Hit in North Brookfield!

posted Aug 24, 2015, 5:22 AM by Boston Cornhole
Our winners from the South and not really the South

I love hosting tournaments in new areas and this past Saturday in North Brookfield was certainly no exception as we gathered for the North Brookfield Boosters fundraiser.  Allyson Bulger did a wonderful job organizing the event consisting of vendors, a DJ, and of course, cornhole!  Leading up to the day, the unpredictable weather forecast was making us a little crazy, but in the end it, was a beautiful day for the field of 39 teams.

The tournament results turned out to be a little more predictable as our Southern visitor, Russell from Kentucky made an appearance.  Pitching opposite Russell was Jeff Bachand and if you haven't heard, Jeff is the reigning Massachusetts State Champion and the sky is blue!  This newly formed duo enjoyed an undefeated day on the way to the winner's circle.  Just as impressive, the champs went on a small shopping spree with their winnings supporting the event's vendors; a classy move that did not go unnoticed.  In second place was Alex and Jose from the Sturbridge area.  When these two get hot, they can beat anybody!  I was happy to come off the bench and reunite with Lance for a third place finish.  Apparently, Pigeon's honing device was broken on Saturday.  Rounding out the top four were Charlie and Ron, a tough out in any tournament.  On a bit bizarre note, the top four teams of the tournament were also first round opponents.  Hey, that's the luck of the draw!  We hope to return to North Brookfield next year for another great event!

Tournament Results

1.  Jeff/Russell
2.  Alex/Jose
3.  Lance/Mike
4.  Charlie/Ron