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Blowing Big Leads in Pawtucket!

posted Apr 29, 2015, 10:06 PM by Boston Cornhole
Andy Gomes is #1 in the MA ACO Rankings

Just as a one-letter typo could drastically alter this headline, the smallest faux pas in cornhole can turn momentum upside down in this game.  That was evident on Monday night in Pawtucket, RI at the area's only ACO April regional.  Starting at the top, Andy Gomes and Larry Pigeon, played two matches that began as blowouts, but ended as nail-biters.  The difference?  Andy was able to barely hang on in their first meeting and Pigeon could not prevent his collapse in the second.  Advantage and victory to Andy!  Larry Pigeon was runner-up and Mike Lobdell rounded out the top three.  Blown leads were not unique to the podium as yours truly blew what seemed to be an insurmountable lead to John Moran.  I'm not sure the Ocean State's top-ranked player had a lead to blow on Monday, but that did not stop him from channeling his inner-Sarge and blowing his cool.  Whoa, big bro!

The field of doubles was equally as stacked with the powerhouse parings of Pigeon/Lobdell and Gomes/Grew joining the always dangerous Rhody Brothers.  In the finals, Pigeon avenged his singles defeat with an assist from Lobdell to complete the double-dip victory over Gomes and Grew.  While I did not stay until the end, I have Andy on record stating "Pigeon won Cuz I sucked."  With all this blowing and sucking, one might think that we do not know too much about cornhole in New England, but trust me, the level of play was very good with players from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and even New York!  Now we look forward to the last regional of the year and the State Championships!

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