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Big Tournament, Big Venue, Big Success!

posted Jul 10, 2017, 12:05 PM by Boston Cornhole

Jayme, Tim, Charlie, and Pigeon

Thank you everyone!

The third edition of the American Cornhole "State Championships" came off without a hitch this past Saturday!  The decision to include all of New England and move it to Mohegan Sun?  Apparently a good one as attendance was up 150% from previous years and the competition was tougher than ever.  Prior to discussing the winner's circle, let's give some praise to all that played.  After all, this tournament was configured to appeal to 1-48, not just 1-8.  We had several familiar faces and some Boston Cornhole first-timers from CT, ME, and NH.  And if you are keeping score at home, these non-Bay Staters know how to toss!  We hope all who played enjoyed the day and that John, Lisa, and I were able to meet your expectations.

The Cream of the Crop

Larry, The Pige, Thavone...whatever you want to call him, one thing is certain, the King was in the building!  Once again, Pigeon soared above the rest.  However, the final was a hotly contested battle as Tim Grew put up a great fight in a match that was literally closer than the score indicated!  Rounding out the podium was Mike Ferreira (MFER).  If you're the guy building a list of the top players, here's the answer key!

1.  Pigeon
2.  Tim Grew
3.  MFER

In doubles, the result was not a surprise, but the path to get there was a bit unexpected.  Your State Champs, Tim Grew and Charlie Prew dropped their opening match to the unranked super team, Sarge and Em.  However, after that, they righted the ship and rolled off nine straight avenging their only loss and double-dipping Freddie Schulz and Mike Ryan in the finals.  Damn, momentum can be a mofo!  Put your hands together for New England's top teams!

1.  Tim Grew and Charles Prew
2.  Mike Ryan and Freddie Schulz
3.  Sarge and The Godfather

Last, but certainly not least, we have a new Women's Division Champion and her name is Jayme Carroll!  The youngest competitor in all divisions turned out to be one of the best.  While we still only had four compete in the division, the level of play was up by a factor of ten compared to last year's tournament.  While Jayme completed an undefeated run, there was a sense that anyone of these ladies could have been crowned State Champ!

1.  Jayme Carroll
2.  Tammy Downey Hampson
3.  Stephanie Bergeron
4.  Lauren Laflamme

Massachusetts, the cornhole state!

Yes, Massachusetts collected all the hardware at this event and guess what...the sky is blue!  But, that's not why the Bay State may want to consider changing its moniker.  In speaking with our neighbors, I was repeatedly given the impression that our cornhole scene is a thing of envy that the rest of New England wish they had.  Oh my, if they only knew!  Seriously, if you think about it, they are right.  From Lowell and the Ipswich Bay all the way down to the Cape, cornhole is everywhere!  States now look at us like we used to look at the South and Midwest.  And yes, this blue state is ready to join the big boys!  That was evident at Mohegan Sun back in March and there are opportunities in the near future to once again prove our mettle!  A successful event goes a long way in motivating the push for competitive cornhole.  See you in September for Season 13 and who knows, maybe something else too!  Stay tuned!