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A Monumental Win in Wilmington!

posted Feb 25, 2018, 5:05 PM by Boston Cornhole
President's Day Weekend Cornhole Style!

There's been some clamoring for this blog (ok, one guy), but it's better for me to be one week late than your girlfriend, so relax!  On to the cornhole...the NBA wasn't the only one hosting a collection of All-Stars on President's Day Weekend.  The collection of talent in Wilmington, MA for our latest installment of the Triple Threat Throwdown was daunting!  We had some top tossers from the North Shore, South Shore, the Cape, and even some interstate imports representing Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut.  

Three Rounds of Singles and Doubles Play

Each three-man team battled to earn points with a teammate as well as the opportunity to shine solo in singles play with the hope of making it into the final four.  The first two rounds played out in double-elimination tournaments with an abridged, single-elimination final round.  These mini-tournaments featured blowouts, upsets, and some sensational play!  With a maximum of 30 points up for grab, no team earned more than 15.  Translation - we do have some parity in New England Cornhole!  After tournament play, the following four teams advanced:

1.  Lance Madden/Pigeon/Sarge - 15 points
2.  Tim Grew/Charles Prew/Mike Ferreira - 13 points (won coin flip for 2nd seed)
3.  Em/Shorty/Butt (Rice Baggers) - 13 points
4.  Freddie Schulz/Mike Ryan/Joe Regan - 10 points

Semifinals and Finals

It was all singles in the semifinals and finals; each team needed two wins to advance.  As expected, the 2 vs 3 seed matchup was very competitive.  While Grew eased past Em, MFer and Charlie were in tight matches against Butt and Shorty respectively.  Those latter two matches were highly competitive and some must see cornhole!  Charlie got past Shorty and MFer squeaked it out against Butt for the sweep, but it very easily could have gone the other way.  Prior to the other semifinal, Mike Ryan was overheard giving a very passionate pep talk.  While he fell to Pigeon in his match, Joe Regan got past Lance and Freddie closed out the upset with a victory over Sarge.

While the semifinals were dramatic, the denouement was over in a blink of an eye.  Perhaps a letdown following the upset, the four seed did not put up much of a fight as Grew punctuated the final sweep with a walk-off four-bagger!  Sarge, Pigeon, and Lance captured the bronze medal by beating the Rice Baggers.

And after seven hours of cornhole, here is your podium...

1.  Tim Grew/Charles Prew/Mike Ferreira
2.  Freddie Schulz/Mike Ryan/Joe Regan
3.  Lance Madden/Pigeon/Sarge

Parting Shots

This was a big day for Boston Cornhole and I am humbled by the turnout on short notice.  For me, it does not matter who wins or where you are from.  We have good players in Massachusetts and beyond, but rarely do we see them all in the same place.  But, on this day we did and I hope to see similar battles in the future.  Until then....au revoir!