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A GAT Hat Trick for Ken!

posted Nov 16, 2013, 7:20 AM by Boston Cornhole
Two in a row for these two at GAT

It was a very successful night for the North Reading Nightmare as he notched a win in each of the events this past Tuesday night.  As good as Ken was, he wasn't even the hottest tosser on the night which speaks volumes for the level of competition at GAT.  In the bring your own partner draw, Phil used razor sharp accuracy and lightning quick reflexes to lay a spanking on the defending champs!  Kevin and Phil won the winner's bracket as Ken and Mike were sent down to the loser's bracket to get it right.  In the rematch in the finals, it was Ken and Mike who were Phil-ing the hole for the double dip victory!  The matches were competitive, but Phil and Kevin came up a little bit short.  The blind draw tourney came down to Mike and Moynihan versus Rob and Ken.  After building an early lead, Ken and Rob held on for the victory to close out the night.  Afterwards, Rob said:  "It's much easier for me to concentrate on my game when I don't have to continually fetch bags from in front of the board."...I think that's a nod to Ken!

In Last Man Standing, Brownie was looking to up his streak to three consecutive wins and was on pace to do so.  However, at two bags, it was Ken who won the battle of the big guys to dethrone Brownie.  Tuesday also marked the return of Debbie who quickly learned that a long absence translates in to an early exit.   After two matches, Debbie took her bruised knees and ego to the couch for popcorn and chicken wings!

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