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2014 Team of the Year: 40 Plus

posted Dec 30, 2014, 7:47 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 30, 2014, 9:24 AM ]
Another successful year on the circuit

I was tempted to list the pairing of Lance and me or perhaps leverage the two victories Keith Lessard and I had this year just to see the backlash.  While plausible, regardless of what I write or anyone else's opinion, there's no debating that Rich Queen and Randy Parker are still the top one-two punch in the area.  Large, small, or secret, the duo from the Wu have consistently done well in 2014 tournaments.  Here are some tournament highlights:

Maynard Food Pantry Tournament - 1st Place
Woburn Cooperstown Little League Tournament - 1st Place
Fenway Cornhole Classic - 2nd Place
Cornhole Commotion - 4th Place
Concerns of Police Survivors Tournament - 2nd Place (Secret Tournament)
Woburn Veterans Memorial Tournament - 1st Place
Barrett's $1K Tournament - 1st Place (one victory in the tournament series)
Sean Collier Memorial Tournament - 1st Place

I believe this to be a comprehensive list, but hey, you never know!  That's a topic for another blog post...I am sure 40 Plus will have another strong year in 2015, but with good players getting better by playing weekly blind draws, perhaps the gap closes a bit next year!