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2014 Player of the Year: Sarge is in Charge!

posted Dec 31, 2014, 7:47 AM by Boston Cornhole
Sarge (Right) - too difficult to remove Lowry from pic

He is one of the better-known players in the area, has an unbelievably high winning percentage, makes his teammates better, and has been overheard dropping F-Bombs (C-Bombs too)!  I could be referring to either Tom Brady or our 2014 Player of the Year.  Well, this isn't ESPN, so let's give Sarge his props!  His loud, brash style and affinity for profanity may rub some the wrong way.  But, if it's okay for New England's beloved QB, don't hate on the guy in the sandals!  My first introduction to Sarge was an ACO Regional where he blew through a very strong field for an undefeated victory.  However, accolades alone do not make the POY.  Sarge does not show up for the money (well, not just the money), meat on a stick, or any other reason other than to compete.  Always a tough out, I'm happy to have Sarge come spar with us anytime!

In 2015, I don't see Sarge marrying a supermodel or knocking up an actress, but anything short of that would not surprise me.  Congrats on a great 2014 and good luck next year!