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2014 Match of the Year

posted Dec 26, 2014, 7:47 PM by Boston Cornhole
Are the Dots finally getting their due?

If you read their last names, you would think they were brothers.  If you listened to them bicker, you might think something else...One thing is certain, Mike and Rob Doherty are making it to the blog six months too late.  It was a very hot, sunny late June Friday in what may have been the secret tourney of the year (if such a thing existed).  After an early defeat, the Dots got it right in the loser's bracket on a run that knocked off K2 and Lance and me on the way to the final.  A nice run that was sure to come to an end with 40 Plus waiting in the wings...only this time it didn't.  As much as I hate to admit it, beating Rich and Randy is still a pretty big deal in New England.  With that said, the Dots pulling off a double-dip victory is a very impressive achievement and our 2014 Match of the Year!

We haven't seen too much from the Dots in the last few months of the year; hopefully, they can get their game back to a top level in 2015.