Welcome to Boston Cornhole!  Our goal is to increase the presence of the exciting, fun game of cornhole in Boston and the Northeast.  Boston Cornhole promotes the game of cornhole with the organization of Leagues, Tournaments, and Special Events at local venues.

For more information, write us at bostoncornhole@gmail.com or call us at (857) 225-2302.

Upcoming Events:
Mixx 360 - Malden, MA - Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Derek Shorey Benefit - Leominster, MA - Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 10 AM
3rd Ave Tournament Tuesdays - Dedham, MA - Beginning Tuesday, May 28th 2019 at 11 AM
Punch 4 Parkinson's - Dedham, MA - Saturday, June 22nd 2019 at 11 AM
Walnut Beach - Milford, CT - Saturday, August 3rd 2019 at 10 AM

A Blast from the Past in Plymouth!

posted Mar 5, 2019, 9:55 PM by Boston Cornhole

From 2012 to today, Brad and Lounge are still getting it done!
2019 Plymouth Recreation Champs

Introducing Boston Cornhole Sponsorships!

posted Feb 24, 2019, 6:15 AM by Boston Cornhole

Custom Cornhole Boards and a One Year Sponsorship for just $300!
Direct-Print Custom Boards from CCC
Custom, dual-sided Score Tower from CCC

Tips and Tricks to become an Elite Cornholer!

posted Feb 22, 2019, 8:21 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Feb 22, 2019, 9:04 AM ]

A tongue-in-cheek guide to cornhole stardom!
I say there's plenty of time to drink after the tournament, don't drink during it!
Cool as Ice!
Does being a beefcake make you a better cornhole player?  Maybe if multiple women buy you cornhole boards! #BroadControl

It's not always easy to keep the fun in fundraiser!

posted Feb 2, 2019, 8:27 AM by Boston Cornhole

Not the Usual Suspects at Some Fundraisers

While the pros were down in South Florida, it was business as usual back in the Bay State with three successful fundraiser tournaments on Saturday evening; each event drew 40+ teams.  Two of them you probably never heard of and the Amesbury event probably should have been kept private too.  Can you guess which one had competitive players and some social media drama?  Of course, we know several competitive players from our events and we also host many fundraisers.  At the end of day, we do not want anyone to be unhappy.  So let’s address the criticism!

The Challenges of Fundraisers

If you run tournaments, then you should be very familiar with the challenges of integrating social players with the fast growing group of competitive tossers.  If you have not encountered this problem, then you may not have as much experience as you think.  In my opinion, you typically see two types of fundraisers.  The first category is composed of cornhole groups hosting tournaments to draw competitive players with the additional benefit of raising some money for charity; these are tournaments that almost always come with good cash payouts.  The second type are charities or organizations looking to provide a fun activity for supporters and raise as much money as possible.  While both models are valiant and we have experience with each, most of our business is working with the latter organizations.  If you are someone who thinks a tournament without cash payouts is crazy, please keep in mind that there is the other side that believes the concept of giving hundreds of dollars back to those who have apparently come to support a charity and raise money is absurd.  And when these two ideologies meet, you have a conflict!

Boston Cornhole's Approach

The Boston Cornhole approach to fundraisers is very simple.  The only payout we concern ourselves with is the fee to host an event.  Entry fees and prizes are always determined by the organization that hires us.  If asked, we take the approach that entry fees and payouts should be consistent with what the target demographic is comfortable with.  Very often organizations tell us that they do not want to attract competitive players.  In these instances, we suggest very modest prizes or even non-cash prizes.  From a planning perspective, we tailor our format to maximize participation and stay within an organization’s time constraints.  A very healthy turnout may mean that double-elimination is not possible and that a hybrid format is required to finish in a timely manner.  In each and every case, our priorities are driven by the demands of the client.

The Amesbury Cornhole Bonanza

Consistent with the guidelines above, the Amesbury Rotary had hoped for an event that would cater to locals and not attract competitive players.  While this event dates back to 2012, the approach the past two years has been to go with gift cards and Boston Cornhole had been asked specifically NOT to advertise or promote the event and we did not.  However, the Rotary did use Eventbrite and Facebook to spread the word among followers.  Unfortunately, while cash prizes were not advertised, the prize structure listed was ambiguous and I understand how this could be misleading; it’s a lesson learned.  But, make no mistake about it, neither did the Rotary nor Boston Cornhole attempt any sort of “bait and switch” as has been suggested.  The organization simply underestimated the cornhole community armed with search engines.   They were surprised and grateful for the turnout of advanced players.  Upon learning of the discontent on social media, they and we are disappointed that the event did not meet everyone’s expectations.

Parting Shots

Like all the cornhole groups across New England, we enjoy running tournaments from competitive contests to events filled with newbies.  My philosophy is straightforward, modest entry fees and modest prizes and I will tell that to anyone who will listen.  I am not a fan of people playing for each other’s money.  Unless you are seen on ESPN (and I don’t mean watching from the stands), I still do not attach a big market value to being able to put a bag in a hole.  Several will disagree with me and I am fine with that.  I am also aware that if I want to host competitive tournaments that I may need to contradict my beliefs to fill the courts.  However, I will push back against vitriol spewed over payouts at a fundraiser.  Such complaints will fall on deaf ears and if prizes are the criteria for which you judge a tournament, I would suggest inquiring about them prior to registration.  Lastly, a big thanks to John and Lisa for masterfully running an efficient tournament in Amesbury.  Forty-eight teams with each team guaranteed four matches and the event wrapped up in 3.5 hours.  Brilliant!

Chris Tornatola is the 2018 Player of the Year!

posted Dec 30, 2018, 8:56 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 30, 2018, 9:04 PM ]

The Year of the...Tornado!
Top of the Podium

It's Back to Back Team of the Year Recognition for Grew and Prew!

posted Dec 30, 2018, 11:57 AM by Boston Cornhole

Let's face it, Charlie and Tim were the best in New England in 2018!
Grew and Prew hit the Bullseye again!
Team of the Day?

The Triple Threat Throwdown is the 2018 Tournament of the Year!

posted Dec 27, 2018, 10:01 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 27, 2018, 10:05 PM ]

Jesus had the three wise men, we have the three ACL Pros!
MFer, Grew, and Prew strike the pose!

2018 - The Year in Review!

posted Dec 27, 2018, 2:35 PM by Boston Cornhole

So much cornhole, so much fun!

Five Reasons to Play Cornhole at Mixx 360!

posted Nov 12, 2018, 9:30 AM by Boston Cornhole

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Not so long ago I received an email and saw some chatter on facebook that people in Malden were looking for a place to pitch some bags. Well, thanks to Darci Walcott, Mixx 360 is that place and bags now fly on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM!  You probably don't need me to tell you to go and play cornhole, but I will anyway!  Here are five reasons to hit the club on Wednesdays!

1.  It's a New Location

That means new faces and the early returns say that there are quite a few!  Some of you will develop into top players, all of you will have fun.  Welcome!

2.  It's a Great Mixx of Players

Pun intended!  While the majority so far have been backyard baggers, we'll also see some big dogs on the prowl.  Not to worry though, because the blind draw format is perfect and proven for integrating players of all abilities.  Newbies may not win that often, but you'll always learn something from the veterans.  That's a promise!

3.  Same Cornhole as on TV!

Rest assured with Boston Cornhole on board providing equipment and consulting, you will be playing with quality boards and in sync with the game's latest trends!  An early question asked why players were allowed to bring their own bags?  The answer is simple, that's the current direction of the game at all levels and we embrace it!

4.  No Strings Attached Fun!

We would love to see you each and every week, but no big deal if you have to miss a few evenings.  The weekly blind draws are independent and non-committal!  Who knows, you may hate it...but we think you'll be back!

5.  It's a Great Value!

With roots in the backyard, cornhole should not be expensive to play.  At Mixx 360, $10 or less gets you into the show, some complimentary pizza, and the opportunity to win generous cash prizes!  We know there are lots of great choices out there to pitch bags and hope our player-friendly format convinces you to give us a go!

Get Ready for a HOLE lot of Fun in Wilmington!

posted Oct 10, 2018, 10:23 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Oct 10, 2018, 12:03 PM ]

Cornhole League begins October 18th

Yes, I am stealing John Moran's "corny" lines and will shamelessly borrow his league format too.  But, don't worry, I won't be growing a beard and hopefully I won't botch posting the standings each week!  Joking aside, one thing I cannot criticize is the Ocean State Cornhole League format that is drawing raves from Worcester to Pawtucket.  Multiple matches, multiple partners, and a format where every bag matters...I like it!  And in my not so humble opinion, the weekly sparring that goes down at Boundary Brewhouse is one of the reasons Charles Prew and Freddie Schulz have been nearly untouchable as of late.  Like it or not, the blog doesn't lie and the South has been trumping the North!  So, help me help you by joining version 3.0 of the Wilmington K of C Cornhole League!

If you are living that cornhole life, then you already know that there's no monogamy in cornhole!  Thus, it is very fitting that our partner-swap format originates south of Boston.  Check out the highlights below and the entire 411 on the league page.
  • $70/person to Enter ($73 with credit card) | 36 person limit
  • 7 Week League | Bags fly at 7:30 PM on Thursdays
  • Blind draw for multiple partners each week; minimum of 3 partners per night
  • 6 matches per night guaranteed
  • Bring Your Own Bags (BYOB)
  • 80% Cash Payout
  • Those paid in full by Week 1 are automatically entered into Opening Night Slide-Rite raffle!

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