Welcome to Boston Cornhole!  Our goal is to increase the presence of the exciting, fun game of cornhole in Boston and the Northeast.  Boston Cornhole promotes the game of cornhole with the organization of Leagues, Tournaments, and Special Events at local venues.

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Upcoming Events:  
Stadium Bar Challenger Series - Opening NightQuincy, MA - Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 7:30 PM
YFALS Corntoss Challenge - Cambridge, MA - Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 11:00 AM
North Brookfield BoostersNorth Brookfield, MA - Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 11:00 AM
Sean Collier Memorial Fund - Cambridge, MA - Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 11:00 AM

End June with a weekend full of cornhole!

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New T-Shirt Colorways now available!

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You can't drink a Dark 'n' Stormy without Ginger Beer!  This colorway salutes all things ginger!  Available in men's sizes M - 3XL.  $15

White Money

Black Money

Mo Cornhole, Mo Money!  Who knew a backyard game could also be a good side source of income !?  With Lance and Pigeon on the scene, I am happy that the biggest checks are cashed before any bags fly!  In white or black, this shirt pays homage to the mighty greenback.  Available in men's sizes M - 3XL.  Available in women's sizes sizes S - XL.  $15

The subtle switch of black and white yields this classy silhouette.  Pitch in style with this colorway.  Available in men's sizes M - 3XL.  Available in women's sizes S - XL.  $15

The Fenway Cornhole Classic returns Memorial Day Weekend!

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Lane & Cuccia are favored for the 3-Peat

The 2015 Fenway Cornhole Classic is less than a week away and here are three reasons that make the third installment an event not to be missed!

1.  Will Scott Lane and Chris Cuccia complete the 3-peat?

Let me take the drama out of this by saying, yes, they absolutely will!  I have seen my fair share of cornhole in the Boston area and good teams are getting better, but I think Lane and Cuccia are still on another level.  Factor in a 2nd place finish in a competitive field in Philly last Saturday and these two are entering Fenway full of confidence!  Don't get me wrong, I would love to see some hometown heroes walk away with title, but if I were in Vegas, my money would be on the Floridians.

2.  Boston's Top Teams will be in attendance!

Big time players show up to big tournaments and the sold out field is littered with top talent from the Boston area.  The 2014 Team of the Year (40 Plus), the 2014 Player of the Year (Sarge), and the 2015 Player of the Year front-runner (Larry Pigeon) are all on the guest list.  Good luck defending the home turf...you'll need it!
Larry Pigeon and Lance Madden
Rich Queen and Randy Parker
Sarge and Shawn Ainger

Blowing Big Leads in Pawtucket!

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Andy Gomes is #1 in the MA ACO Rankings

Just as a one-letter typo could drastically alter this headline, the smallest faux pas in cornhole can turn momentum upside down in this game.  That was evident on Monday night in Pawtucket, RI at the area's only ACO April regional.  Starting at the top, Andy Gomes and Larry Pigeon, played two matches that began as blowouts, but ended as nail-biters.  The difference?  Andy was able to barely hang on in their first meeting and Pigeon could not prevent his collapse in the second.  Advantage and victory to Andy!  Larry Pigeon was runner-up and Mike Lobdell rounded out the top three.  Blown leads were not unique to the podium as yours truly blew what seemed to be an insurmountable lead to John Moran.  I'm not sure the Ocean State's top-ranked player had a lead to blow on Monday, but that did not stop him from channeling his inner-Sarge and blowing his cool.  Whoa, big bro!

The field of doubles was equally as stacked with the powerhouse parings of Pigeon/Lobdell and Gomes/Grew joining the always dangerous Rhody Brothers.  In the finals, Pigeon avenged his singles defeat with an assist from Lobdell to complete the double-dip victory over Gomes and Grew.  While I did not stay until the end, I have Andy on record stating "Pigeon won Cuz I sucked."  With all this blowing and sucking, one might think that we do not know too much about cornhole in New England, but trust me, the level of play was very good with players from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and even New York!  Now we look forward to the last regional of the year and the State Championships!

Check out the full results:  Singles | Doubles

The Next Chapter in the Best Rivalry of 2015

posted Apr 26, 2015, 7:06 AM by Boston Cornhole

Grew and Prew avenge the Plymouth Implosion

For the third time this year, the final pairing of the day came down to Tim Grew and Charlie Prew against Larry Pigeon and Lance Madden.  The South Shore duo took the first meeting at the Baseball Tavern followed by a double-dip defeat at the hands of the Northerners at Plymouth Memorial Hall.  As the scene shifted to Woburn for the Bags for Breast Cancer Tournament, the story continued for these two evenly-matched teams.  Between group play and the knockout bracket, they split four games against each other; however, it was Grew and Prew who won the final, most important match of the day for the victory!  Pigeon and Lance took the opening match of the finals to force a decisive final game, but Grew immediately put up a big round in the opening stanza of the money match to change the momentum.  From that point forward, Grew was on fire as he outplayed Pigeon and guided his team to victory!  Congrats to Team Grew and Prew!  Fortunately, we don't have to wait long for the next installments of this rivalry.  The Northerners will be traveling to Pawtucket for the April ACO regional on Monday at the Boundary Brewhouse and then next Saturday, Sarge and Pigeon unite as the heavy favorites in the Burlington Cornhole Tournament.  Be there!

All in all, a great day of cornhole in Woburn for all 26 teams that participated!  We should also take a moment to laud a strong performance from the Worcester-based team that rounded out the podium in third place.  Honorable mention to Sarge and Lowry.  Victims of a stacked group, they cruised to the social tournament victory.  A special thanks to Mike Lounge, Joe Landry, Kevin Lowry, and Mike Doherty for assistance in running the event.

Finally, something new...GoPro videos of the final two matches.  It's a work in progress as the camera could have been closer.  Nonetheless, if you want to see what A-Level play in Boston is like, check it out!

Bags for Breast Cancer Finals - First Match

Bags for Breast Cancer Finals - Decisive Match

The month of May brings more cornhole to Boston and beyond!

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Nicer weather and more cornhole!

We are excited to announce two new additions to the schedule in May!  On May 9th, the show rolls in to Leominster, MA for the Vet Together Group Fundraiser Tournament.  Keeping with our most popular format, the tournament will feature group play followed by competitive and social brackets!  A great cause and one not to miss!

Five days later it's opening night in Quincy as the Stadium Bar Challenger Series kicks off!  The series will consist of monthly tournaments and run from May through September.  Participation in the series is FREE and prizes will be awarded to the winning team each night!  We will also maintain standings and crown the top cornhole pairing in September!  The Challenger Series expands our cornhole map south of Boston and with the Woburn Cornhole League, we now have two monthly events to improve and perfect your game!

Road wins trending in Boston!

posted Apr 11, 2015, 6:18 AM by Boston Cornhole

Celebrating a "Rhode" win in Boston

Here we are more than a quarter way through 2015 and there have been some changes in the cornhole landscape.  While home field advantage plays a significant role in most sports, it has been the road teams topping the podiums in 2015.  Forty Plus opened the year with a victory on the road in the Ocean State; however, in both Woburn tournaments, they have had to settle for being the best losers.  Rumor has it that Mayor Galvin has asked for the keys to the city back!

This trend is not unique to the top of the pecking order either.  Lance and Pigeon have exchanged wins with their South Shore counterparts on each other's turf and are sure to continue to battle as the year moves on.  The Rhody Brothers, Rhode Island's top team, secured their most notable win of the year...in Boston.

So what does this all mean??  It tells me I should probably stick to the secret tournaments with Keith Lessard if I wish to reach the winner's circle ever again!  Seriously, it shows how much the game has grown from novices to the competitive players.  While the cream of the crop is still just north of Boston, the walls are beginning to shrink with the momentum Litchfield Cornhole has built up in New Hampshire and the successful Monday night tournaments at the Boundary Brewhouse hosted by Ocean State Cornhole in Pawtucket, RI.  To be continued...

Spring is here and so is cornhole!

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Plenty of upcoming chances at 2nd Place??

Spring is here, the snow is gone, the weather is warmer, and there are plenty of opportunities to play cornhole!  Well, all of that might not be true, but the most important part surely is.  If you are looking to pitch some bags over the next few months, check out these upcoming events!  Not all are Boston Cornhole events, some may be subject to change, and new ones may be added...so check the website regularly!

Upcoming Events

This Game is Going Global!

posted Mar 3, 2015, 4:48 PM by Boston Cornhole

Kwidzyn - The Cornhole Capital of Poland

For the past several years, we have witnessed the cornhole explosion in the United States.  The sport is now going international!  The Germans are on the circuit with establishment of a national organization of cornholers.  Now, it appears that bags are being pitched in the northern part of Poland.  I was more than pleased to receive this message today from a gentleman in Kwidzyn, Poland!  #Boston2024
My name is Marek Sroka and I live in Poland in Kwidzyn. I work in Kwidzyn Sports and Recreation Centre and dealing with for many years, the organization of recreational events for the residents of our city. We play in different disciplines min: bocce, bocce on the sand, boules, boule la molle, mini golf, darts, horseshoes and more. However, when in December 2014 years saw for the first time on youtube cornhole immediately captivated and charmed this game. In January, the box has already been made to the game (8 pcs.) And bags of corn (80 pcs.), And February 28, 2015 was held the first historical championship Kwidzyna in this game. It turned out that not only I was fascinated by cornhole, but all (27 participants) was impressed and immediately everyone kept asking when the next tournament will take place, and some took longer to build their own boxes.
Cornhole is a great game for everyone regardless of age, and the simplicity of the rules allows for great fun and a nice active leisure time.
On behalf of the residents of a thank you for a great idea to get through cornhole are more attractive leisure offer of our city.
Marek Sroka
Kwidzyn Sports and Recreation Centre
82-500 Kwidzyn
ul. Sports 6

Cornhole Commotion will not be held in 2015

posted Feb 15, 2015, 7:50 AM by Boston Cornhole

We will miss one of our favorites in 2015

I recently learned that the Light Foundation will not host Cornhole Commotion this year.  After reviewing the numbers from the previous years coupled with a price increase to rent the Dana Farber Fieldhouse, they came to the conclusion that the event would not yield the publicity and funds that they are seeking.  I would like to thank the Light Foundation and Goodwin PR for providing the opportunity to hold such an amazing event the past two years.  Many have already asked about the tournament this year and some wanted to plan their events around it to avoid conflict.  While that will not be necessary, it shows the demand this event generated from the cornhole community and I appreciate it!

With 48 total courts each year, this was not just a Boston Cornhole event, but one only made possible with the help of some of the biggest organizers and supporters of cornhole on the East Coast.  I would like to give special thanks to the following:

1.  Jeff Bachand and Andy Gomes (South Shore Cornhole)
2.  Pat Ward (Ward Boards)
3.  Bob Youtz and George Hoffman (Holes for Heroes)
4.  Scott Laba and Shayne Coyne (CNY Cornhole)
5.  Rich Queen and Randy Parker
6.  Mike Doherty and Rob Doherty (Doherty Custom Boards)
7.  Justin McKinnon (McKinnon Cornhole Boards)
8.  Joe Shaughnessy
9.  Craig Gagnon (Craig Boards)
10.  Cindy Boutiette
11.  Keith and Kyle Lessard
12.  John Moran and Dave Moran
13.  The talented Carolina players who traveled so far to participate...and win!
  • The Eric Ryder Clan
  • David Biggerstaff
  • Matt Young
  • Derek Fateiger
  • Victor Ruiz

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