2021 - The Year in Review


Are corporate events and fundraisers back in full force?

3rd Ave

Build Back Better!


A switch in the competitive cornhole world!

As we close out 2021, you don't need me to tell you that the pandemic is not over. But, has cornhole returned to pre-COVID-19 levels? Well, that depends...let's take a look into the past 365 days!

With the emergence of vaccines early in the year coupled with the nicer weather, we had some "safe" months where businesses opened up and we collectively patted ourselves on the backs. In turn, the summer months were very busy for Boston Cornhole as we hosted several corporate events and fundraisers. All of a sudden the calendar was showing record numbers for September...which turned into record cancellations as the Delta variant emerged. And with Omicron cases currently spreading faster than ever, it looks to be a pretty idle start to the new year. But, you take what you can get and adapt. Even with recent doom and gloom reports, we have new countermeasures today that we didn't have 12 months ago. Bring on 2022!

Competitive Cornhole

Despite the havoc the pandemic has wreaked on just about everything, competitive cornhole survives! The rate this game continues to grow in the face of COVID-related restrictions is amazing. In 2021, Boston Cornhole was heavily involved in the competitive market. The first half of the year saw us close out American Cornhole Organization (ACO) Season Sweet 16 and during the summer, we switched to hosting tournaments for the American Cornhole League (ACL). Both are great groups that have been growing faster than ever. Given the demographics in the Northeast, becoming an ACL Regional Director was a great move!

2021 witnessed some partnerships. We are proud to be a sponsor of ACL Pro Chris Tornatola and Woohole for the current ACL Season. Perhaps you heard the phrase "Another Boston Cornhole Four-Bagger!" We have also partnered with ACL Pro Sheila Roy and Game Changer Sports Bar & Grille in the creation of a Ladies Night League.

Personally, I tested the competitive waters in 2021 by traveling to Florida, Vegas, Albany, and Virginia Beach to compete in ACO Majors and ACL Opens. Results were mixed and during a period of disappointing play in Virginia Beach, I realized that I prefer to make money in cornhole as opposed to spending it to play. Therefore, in 2022, the plan is to take some of that house money and put it into OnlyBags Cornhole! Introducing a new bag company based in Florida with a Boston accent! Check out the site and stay tuned for more details in the new year.

End of Year Awards

Team of the Year

Co-Player of the Year

Co-Player of the Year

Tournaments of the Year

Admittedly, with so much cornhole being played these days, there are New England groups that I have not even seen play. Nonetheless, it's my website, and I am bringing back the End of Year Awards!

Tournaments of the Year: Tournament Tuesdays - 3rd Ave Burlington

A year can't go by without me gushing about 3rd Ave Tournament Tuesdays in Burlington! And this year the Tournament of the Year Category morphs into "Tournaments." Pre-pandemic, there was not a night that I liked better than Tuesdays in the Summer. I was ecstatic to hear that we would be returning in 2021. The first few meetings certainly did not carry the momentum of past years, but business picked up quickly! Late summer into autumn drew record crowds. The season was so successful that we extended through October! This was truly an example of "Building back Better"... and I think Bill Marchant leaked that slogan to his buddy! Before you know it, we will be back in Burlington.

Team of the Year - Fernando Colon & Mark Burgess

Whether it's bangin' or baggin', there's no monogamy in cornhole! But, Fernando and Mark never seem to step out on each other and thus, they are the 2021 Team of the Year! There have been several flavor-of-the-week pairings in 2021, but this duo consistently got it done and wracked up the Ws!

Players of the Year - Tony Smith & Jacob Trzcienski

Anyone can play, but it's usually Tony and Jacob that win! Over the past year, these two have traded Regional and Conference wins back and forth. In the current ACL Season, Tony has added an ACL Open win to his trophy shelf and currently sits atop the ACL Standings. In 2021, Jacob maxed out ACO Season 16 Regional points, became an ACL Pro, and currently is second only to Tony in the Northeast Conference! Good luck to both these guys in 2022.