The Burlington Mall Cornhole League is a series of tournaments running  on the first two Thursdays of each month from June through October.  The tournaments are FREE and open to all.

To participate in the league, players must do the following:

Play in one, play in all!  This is a drop-in, no-commitment league!

League Format

The series is a collection of Switcholio tournaments.  Players will compete in four rounds of Round Robin play.  In each round, a player will be partnered with a different partner and play against a different pairing of opponents.  Note, it is possible that you draw the same partner twice.   Round Robin results will have the greatest impact on League Standings.  Points will be awarded in the following manner:

1st Place:  50 Points

2nd Place: 45 Points

3rd Place: 40 Points

4th Place: 35 Points

5th-6th Place: 30 Points

7th-8th Place 25 Points

9th-12th Place: 20 Points

13th-16th Place: 15 Points

17th - 24th Place: 10 Points

25th+ Place: 5 Points

Following Round Robin, the top players (number will vary based on attendance) will be put into a final pairing and advance to a single elimination bracket to earn bonus league points.  Bracket Points are awarded as follows:

1st Place:  10 Points

2nd Place: 8 Points

Players may bring their own bags.  House bags will always be available.


Bags fly at 6 PM on Thursday Evenings!

Session 1:  June 1st - Scoreholio Link

Session 2:  June 8th - Scoreholio Link

Session 3:  July 6th - Scoreholio Link

Session 4 - July 13th - Scoreholio Link

Session 5:  August 3rd - Scoreholio Link

Session 6August 10th - Scoreholio Link

Session 7September 7th - Scoreholio Link

Session 8September 14th - Scoreholio Link

Session 9 - October 5th - Scoreholio Link

Session 10October 12th - Scoreholio Link

In the event of inclement weather, tournaments may be postponed and rescheduled.  Notifications will be updated on this page and Boston Cornhole social media.


League Standings are maintained in Scoreholio Seasons.  Standings are maintained on an individual player basis.


There will be weekly prizes for the top players and cumulative final prizes for the league leaders!  Prizes are TBA.