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Squad Showdown

Are you ready for the Squad Showdown?  Introducing Boston Cornhole's Squadholio-based tournament.  Squadholio is great for a club versus club battle that can accommodate several players per team, but our implementation limits a Squad to four players to permit several foursomes to compete in a double-elimination bracket.

Squad Composition and Match Format

A Squad consists of four players.  For a Squad Showdown match, two teams are formed from the four player squad and each team competes in a full round robin against another squad.  Thus, a four-person Squad match would consist of a total of four games.  The Squad that wins more games wins the match and advances.  If a match ends in a 2-2 tie, SCOREHOLIO decides the winner based on total points followed by points differential.  Let's take a look at an Example
  • Squad A
    • Team 1 (Player 1 and Player 2)
    • Team 2 (Player 3 and Player 4)
  • Squad B
    • Team 1 (Player 1 and Player 2)
    • Team 2 (Player 3 and Player 4)
  • Squad A versus Squad B Games (note team pairings CANNOT be changed once a match starts)
    • Squad A Team 1 vs. Squad B Team 1
    • Squad A Team 2 vs Squad B Team 2
    • Squad A Team 1 vs Squad B Team 2
    • Squad A Team 2 vs Squad B Team 1
  • Match Winner
    • Squad that wins three or four games
    • If tied two games apiece
      • First tiebreaker - Total points scored
      • Second tiebreaker - Point differential
Tournament Format

The tournament format is double-elimination.  Squads will be randomly placed into the tournament bracket.  The winners of a match advances in the bracket.  The losers of a match drops to the loser's bracket or are knocked out with a second loss.  Once a match starts, team pairings cannot be altered for the duration of the match.  Squad captains can change team pairings between matches.  Each player is guaranteed four games.

Entry Fees and Payout

The entry fee for the Squad Showdown is $100 per squad or $25 per person.  Cash payouts to the top teams.  The number of teams eligible for cash prizes depends on the number of entrants.  It is projected to be the top two or three teams; the number of places paid to be announced at the start of the tournament.