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Federal Hill Pizza

1039 Chalkstone Ave, Providence, RI

Burlington has Tournament Tuesdays and now there is a similar option south of the border in Providence at Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza!  Join Tania as she will be running the show for Boston Cornhole beginning July 9th!  Tournament entry is $10 with 100% payout.  Each tournament will be a blind draw, double-elimination bracket.  Teams will be drawn at 6:45 PM with bags flying at 7 PM.  Be there!

Tournament Details
  • $10 per person each week
  • Blind Draw (partners randomly selected) Double-Elimination Tournament
  • Tournament Check-in at 6:45 PM
  • Bags fly promptly at 7 PM
  • 100% Cash Payouts to the top two teams!
  • Write to with any questions regarding the tournaments
Tournament Dates
  • July 9th - FREE PIZZA
  • July 16th - Whalers Brewing
  • July 23rd - Castle Island Brewing
  • July 30th - Artisan Beverage Cooperative (Ginger Libation) and Loyal 9 Cocktails/Sons of Liberty
  • August 20thNewport Craft Brewing and Distilling
  • August 27th - Bud Light
  • September 3rd - Narragansett