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Captain's Choice - BYOP

This Bring Your Own Partners Captain's Choice format adds a twist to our "blindish draw" Captain's Choice tournament for those of you who prefer not to pair with strangers and want to put forth the most competitive threesome that you can!  This variant still has roots in SCOREHOLIO with a Round Robin Format to a double-elimination bracket.  It's a six match guarantee and if you plan on winning this tournament, you'll need to captain the ship for five hours or so!

Round Robin Play

Round Robin play consists of two four-match round robin events (singles and doubles) being played simultaneously.  Captains will determine who plays singles and who plays doubles.  SCOREHOLIO will be configured to rank players and teams in the following manner:
  • Win/Loss Record
  • Total Points (1st Tie-break)
  • Point Differential (2nd Tie-break)
  • All matches played to 21; you cannot go over 21

Seeding the Final Bracket

Round Robin Results (as ranked by SCOREHOLIO) will determine the final bracket seeds.  Teams and Players will be scored based on where they finish in round robin play.  Let's take a look at an example:

Team A:  Singles:  2nd Place; Doubles 5th Place.  Score:  2 + 5 = 7.
Team B:  Singles:  1st Place; Doubles 8th Place.  Score 1 + 8 = 9.

With this scoring system, it's better to have the LOWER score.  In the scenario presented above, Team A would be seeded higher (lower seed number) than Team B.  If two or more teams finish with the same score, we will pick chips out of a bag to order the seeds.

Bracket Play

The final bracket will be a double elimination bracket.  As stated above, round robin play will determine the seeds.  Each match within the bracket will consist of one doubles game and one singles game; the team captain decides who plays which games.  The higher-seeded (lower number) captain has visibility into the lower-seeded captain's selections.  All games are played to 21 and the match winner is determined in the following manner:
  • Win/Loss Record
  • Total Point Differential if match is tied one game apiece
    • Team A wins doubles 21-17
    • Team B wins doubles 21- 5
    • Team B advances based on Total Point Differential
  • If still tied after Total Point Differential, we go to Captain vs Captain Sudden Death Frames; first Captain to score wins!

Entry Fees and Payouts

The entry fee is $75 per team ($25/person).  The purse will be 80% of the collected entry fees with distribution as follows:
  • 10 of fewer Teams
    • 1st Place - 65%
    • 2nd Place - 35%
  • 11 to 20 Teams
    • 1st Place - 50%
    • 2nd Place - 30%
    • 3rd Place - 20%