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Captain's Choice

Introducing the Captain's Choice Tournament, a competition with roots in Switcholio that culminates in a three-person team bracket!  This tournament format will guarantee five or six matches and fit within a tidy time frame suitable for a school night.  Let's take a closer look!

Becoming a Captain

Perhaps you have started your own cornhole sorority and declared yourself the leader.  Well...that's not how this works, you'll have to earn your captain's bars!  Four rounds of Switcholio will determine who qualifies as a captain.  It's actually pretty simple, if you finish in the top third of the Switcholio rankings, you are a captain!  For example, if we have 30 participants, Switcholio play will qualify 10 captains.  And if you do become a captain, you get a pat on the back and the top 3 captains earn their entry fee back.  You are now playing with house money!  Switcholio will be configured in the following manner:
  • Win/Loss Record
  • Total Points (1st Tie-break)
  • Point Differential (2nd Tie-break)
  • All matches played to 21; you cannot go over 21

Filling out the Roster

Hmm...there's a few ways to do this.  We could hold a brief draft and permit the captains to select team members.  Do you really have those "Ride or Die" partners in your sorority!?  While this could present some must see drama, I would prefer not to make anyone relive being last picked in gym class.  The three-person teams will be completed via a random draw.

Do we need an even multiple of three players for this to work?  Not really, just a basic understanding of modular arithmetic to deal with the following scenarios:
  • Number of Players mod 3 = 0.  The number of players is divisible by three and we are good!
  • Number of Players mod 3 = 2.  It looks like I get to play to make the field divisible by three!
  • Number of Players mod 3 = 1.  I play and one team will have a walker (two team members).  Not ideal, but it can work!

Bracket Play

The final bracket will be a seeded, single or double elimination bracket; the format will depend on time constraints.  The seeding is based on the captain's Switcholio position.  Each match within the bracket will consist of one doubles game and one singles game; the team captain decides who plays which games.  The higher-seeded captain has visibility into the lower-seeded captain's selections.  All games are played to 21 and the match winner is determined in the following manner:
  • Win/Loss Record
  • Total Point Differential if match is tied one game apiece
    • Team A wins doubles 21-17
    • Team B wins doubles 21- 5
    • Team B advances based on Total Point Differential
  • If still tied after Total Point Differential, we go to Captain vs Captain Sudden Death Frames; first Captain to score wins!

Entry Fees and Payouts

The entry fee is $20 per person.  The purse will be 80% of the collected entry fees with distribution as follows:
  • Top Three Captains based on Switchiolio results earn their entry fees back
  • Of the remaining purse
    • 1st Place - 65%
    • 2nd Place - 35%