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Bags In Brighton

Monday Nights at the Brighton Elks
326 Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135
Beginning February 10th 2020

About ten years ago, we hosted some of our first weekly events in Brighton at Brighton Beer Garden and The Green Briar.  Those businesses are no longer around, but we are!  While we host several events in Boston, most of our competitive contests tend to be in the suburbs  With the cornhole boom in full strength and our 10th anniversary approaching, it is time to return to the Hub!

If you already play regularly, want to learn how to play, or just want a fun night out, this will be the place for you.  With professional equipment, in-house players that can compete at the highest level, and a player-friendly format, we can introduce you to the game and get you competition ready in no time.  We seek everybody - experienced players, young professionals, and of course, members of the Elks!

For those of you who live outside of the city, no worries because the Elks has a large parking lot making it a simple commute.  Enter from Winthrop Street.

Nightly Schedule

7 PM Start - SWITCHOLIO - It is HIGHLY recommended to download the SCOREHOLIO app on your mobile phone, but not required.

Entry Fee:  $10/person.  Members of the Brighton Elks may opt to play for FREE, but they would not be eligible for cash prizes.

The first event will be run with SWITCHOLIO, the popular partner swap software from SCOREHOLIO.  Players will compete in four matches each evening with different partners each match.  Therefore, standings for the contest will be calculated on an individual basis.

SWITCHOLIO will be configured as follows:

1.  Standings based on Win/Loss Record, then points, then point differential.  If necessary, sudden death frame play will break ties.
2.  All matches played to 21.

Prizes:  Cash prizes to the top players following the completion of four matches.  Number of positions paid will depend on the number of participants.

8:45 - 9 PM Start (approximate) - Blind Draw

Entry Fee:  $5/person

A blind draw will produce random pairings for a single or double-elimination tournament (depending on time constraints).  Teams of two will compete in a bracket-styled tournament.  Note that the SWITCHOLIO results will not be factored into the pairings.  SWITCHOLIO and the blind draw tournament are completely independent, play in one or play in both!

Prizes:  Cash prizes to the top teams.  Number of positions paid will depend on the number of teams.

Background Contests

Based on interest, we may incorporate some the cornhole world's most popular side games!

This is a Bring Your Own Bags (BYOB) Event!  House bags always provided.