Skinny Board Challenge

Roll the dice and toss the bags!

Our new Skinny Board Challenge won't help you fit in your jeans, but it just might fatten your pockets!  This contest has roots in the Money Shot, but with a twist...or better put, a roll!  Players purchase tickets and if you are lucky enough to have your ticket pulled, the fun begins:
  • Roll two dice
    • First Die - 12-sided indicating the score the player must match or beat
    • Second Die - 10-sided die indicating the percentage of the pot the participant is playing for (10% to 100%)
  • Toss 4 bags on the Skinny Board
    • Three points for each bag in the hole; one point for on the board
    • If the player matches or beats the score on the first die, he or she wins the percentage of the pot indicated on the second die
For weekly events, one ticket is pulled per night.  Any money in the pot that is not won, carries over to the next week.  Sound simple enough?  We'll see...