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Ladies Night League

Monday Night is Ladies Night!

Welcome to the Ladies Night Cornhole League!  While the ladies can certainly hold their own on any night of the week, Boston Cornhole is pleased to be partnering with Sheila Roy and the Hole Bros to bring you a women-only series at Game Changer Sports Bar & Grill in Londonderry, NH.  The league meets monthly on a Monday and consists of five events running from February thru June 2021.  Each tournament stands on its own, but also factors into the cumulative standings.  You can play in one or play in them all!  This is a non-committal league.

The league has its roots in SCOREHOLIO and each event will consist of a round robin portion followed by a bracket; both will factor into the league standings.  See below for the deets!

Session 1:  Monday, February 8th - Switcholio @ 7 PM

Let's kick things off with the crown jewel of SCOREHOLIO...Switcholio!  Four matches of Switcholio Round Robin followed by a single or double-elimination bracket.

Entry Fee:  $10 per person

  • Top three from Round Robin play earn back entry fee
  • Cash payouts to top teams in elimination bracket
  • 100% Payout

Session 2:  Monday, March 15th - Captain's Caesar's Choice @ 7 PM

Since it's the Ides of March, we are shaking things up with a little bit of Shakespeare!  Just for one night, we will rename our Captain's Choice format to Caesar's Choice.  The competition begins with Switcholio.  Following four matches of Switcholio, 1/3 of the field will be crowned Caesars!  From there, we will randomly populate three person teams for bracket play (single or double-elimination).  In the bracket, each match consists of a doubles and singles match; point differential used as a tiebreaker.  The Caesar or team leader will determine who plays singles and doubles on each team.  The lower-seeded Caesar must send players to the boards first.

Entry Fee:  $10 per person

  • Top three Caesars from Round Robin play earn back entry fee
  • Cash payouts to top teams in elimination bracket
  • 100% Payout

Session 3:  Monday, April 5th - Switcholio on the Skinny Boards @ 7 PM

We are breaking out the Skinny Boards for the third session!  The night will feature EIGHT rounds of Switcholio on the Skinny Boards, whoa!  More matches for everyone and I promise to have you home earlier!

Entry Fee:  $10 per person

  • Cash payouts to top 6-8 players following 8 rounds of Switcholio
  • 100% Payout

Session 4:  TBA

Session 5 :  TBA


League points awarded based on performance in each night's round robin and elimination bracket as follows:

  • Round Robin
    • Three league points for each win
  • Single or Double Elimination Bracket
    • 1st - 12 league points
    • 2nd - 10 league points
    • 3rd - 9 league points
    • 4th - 8 league points
    • 5th+ - 5 league points
  • Tiebreaker
    • Total points scored in Round Robin Play
The standings are updated following each event.

League Prizes

League prizes will be awarded based on the final standings following the completion of the 5th session.  Since each event is 100% payout, league prizes will be non-monetary, but nonetheless special!  We are in the process of compiling prizes.  So far we have:

  • Boston Cornhole Party at your house or location of your choice
    • Six court cornhole tournament
    • Includes equipment and bracket management
    • Valid for Massachusetts and New Hampshire
    • If outdoors, weather permitting
If you would like to donate prizes for the league, write to us at bostoncornhole@gmail.com