Statement on José Rivera

The recent history between Jose Rivera and me has not been a good one.  There had been a series of disagreements and disappointments building over several months.  Tensions came to a boil at a tournament in September 2016 where Jose and I engaged in a heated, public dispute.  I regret that moment and share responsibility for the ugly scene.  We can always hope cooler heads prevail, but when emotions are involved, unfortunately, that is not always the case.  For me, it's bad for business and a lesson learned.  The best I can do is move on and avoid a similar scene in the future.

Jose and I next met at a tournament in mid-October and had the opportunity to discuss our grievances.  While differences remain, there were absolutely no issues that day and it appeared that we would be able to move on and co-exist.  At no point in time, did I ask or tell anybody to deny tournament entry to Jose.  Fast forward ten days and Jose made a facebook post suggesting that the organizers of the Timothy P. Graham Memorial Tournament and I were working together to keep him out of the tournament; he shared a "smoking gun" email.  Well, it took about an hour to discover that he had doctored the email and that his post was fraudulent.  To slander me and hurt my business, he attempted to sabotage and bring negative attention to a charity event.  Please see below for the actual email exchange and edited message that was posted to social media.

Request for Entry to TPG Memorial Tournament
Registration Info sent by TPG Memorial Staff
Doctored Email Social Media Post by Jose