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Cornhole Commotion will not be held in 2015

posted Feb 15, 2015, 7:50 AM by Boston Cornhole
We will miss one of our favorites in 2015

I recently learned that the Light Foundation will not host Cornhole Commotion this year.  After reviewing the numbers from the previous years coupled with a price increase to rent the Dana Farber Fieldhouse, they came to the conclusion that the event would not yield the publicity and funds that they are seeking.  I would like to thank the Light Foundation and Goodwin PR for providing the opportunity to hold such an amazing event the past two years.  Many have already asked about the tournament this year and some wanted to plan their events around it to avoid conflict.  While that will not be necessary, it shows the demand this event generated from the cornhole community and I appreciate it!

With 48 total courts each year, this was not just a Boston Cornhole event, but one only made possible with the help of some of the biggest organizers and supporters of cornhole on the East Coast.  I would like to give special thanks to the following:

1.  Jeff Bachand and Andy Gomes (South Shore Cornhole)
2.  Pat Ward (Ward Boards)
3.  Bob Youtz and George Hoffman (Holes for Heroes)
4.  Scott Laba and Shayne Coyne (CNY Cornhole)
5.  Rich Queen and Randy Parker
6.  Mike Doherty and Rob Doherty (Doherty Custom Boards)
7.  Justin McKinnon (McKinnon Cornhole Boards)
8.  Joe Shaughnessy
9.  Craig Gagnon (Craig Boards)
10.  Cindy Boutiette
11.  Keith and Kyle Lessard
12.  John Moran and Dave Moran
13.  The talented Carolina players who traveled so far to participate...and win!
  • The Eric Ryder Clan
  • David Biggerstaff
  • Matt Young
  • Derek Fateiger
  • Victor Ruiz