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A Night of Firsts at Great American Tavern!

posted Jan 31, 2013, 6:49 PM by Boston Cornhole
Jeff from the South Shore and Jay from the "Wu"

This past Tuesday was the first night tournaments were held on our new UBTL Competition Boards and everyone who played immediately recognized the quality of the equipment.  In fact, I'll give the boards an assist for the high quality of play that was displayed.  Tuesday was also the first night our South Shore visitor, Jeff, made an appearance at our weekly event.  He made his presence felt early in the first blind draw tournament by partnering with Jay for a victory over Ken and Debbie in the final.  Ken and Debbie came out of the loser's bracket to take the first match 21-20, but the champs rolled to victory in the rematch 21-0.  The Taunton Tosser was on the verge of a dominant night as he and Ken reached the finals undefeated in the second blind draw tourney, but a 36-0 burst from Barry and Mike sparked a victory and a 15-0 start in the decisive game.  But, in a couple blinks of an eye, Jeff and Ken were back on top 19-15.  In the end, it was Barry and Mike who notched the victory 21-19 preventing a colossal choke and probably lots of talking!  It was deja vu in Last Man Standing as Barry and Mike once again played down to a single sack.  This time it was Barry closing it out and arguably securing MVP honors for the night!

Tuesday Night Cornhole starts each week at 7 PM at Great American Tavern.  Play with us and be eligible to win your very own cornhole set on March 19th!  Details coming soon!