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2017 was Tim's Time!

posted Dec 31, 2017, 8:33 AM by Boston Cornhole
2017 Boston Cornhole Player of the Year

He may not be as good as he thinks he is, but confidence is no reason to penalize anyone; especially someone who has a 2017 resume like our Player of the Year, Tim Grew.  With both ACO and ACL tournaments now in New England, there are more opportunities to play competitive singles.  Tim has not only played in these events, but he usually wins them and is ALWAYS looking to compete.  At the 2017 ACO New England Championships, Tim finished a close second to a former POY.  In doubles, he partnered with last year's POY for one of the most dominant seasons on record.  ACO New England Doubles Champion, part of the Team of the Year, Player of the Year...and a first time father.  Congrats on an amazing year!

Honorable Mention

Pigeon - Let's face it, the Phenom could win this title every year.  The former POY won the singles division at the ACO New England Championships and would still be considered the favorite in just about any tournament he enters.  Over the past two months in Wilmington, he has shown that he is a tough out with any partner.

Charles Prew - Last year's POY had another great year.  He also had ACO and ACL regional victories and once again won the Ocean State Cornhole League.  Very impressive, but this year he gives way to his cornhole BFF.

Mike Ferreira - In Owensboro, Kentucky, MFer was on a mission to prove that he could compete with the nation's best and he fared pretty well.  Back home, MFer is the guy nobody wants to play unless it is in the finals.  The game is there, the only thing missing for Mike are the wins.  I think that changes in 2018!

Kevin Lowry - Just kidding.  Hey, I am still sour that I didn't even make it on to Lowry's List earlier in the year.  Seriously, Kevin is playing very well and when he is on, he's on!  He also has some innovative ideas to push this game forward.  Keep tossing!